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CSMS Company was established in 2023 in Weatherford Texas. Our specialty is in component sourcing and custom electrical manufacturing. We serve the automotive, machinery, and equipment industries. Our area of expertise is primarily low voltage wiring and the components that wiring supports such as switches, relays, and lighting. In addition, we can can design and source metal brackets and/or housings that are required for your product. From design to delivery, we can handle all of your needs with a customized solution for your business. We take IP very seriously, we never share who we are sourcing for with our suppliers.

  • Design

  • Sourcing

  • Import QC Inspections

  • Customized Packaging & Branding

  • Custom Electrical Harnesses

  • Custom Bracket Fabrication

  • Custom Switches & Lighting

  • Retail Packing & Branding 

Custom Wire Harness

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